Best Setting Spray For Oily Skin, A Complete Guide

You undoubtedly have oily skin if your makeup fades quickly (or, uh, dissolves off your skin) and your head appears like it’s under a spotlight nearly all of the time. The excellent thing is that oily skin types have fewer fine wrinkles and age more slowly than drier sensitive skin. What about that pesky gleam? A nice setting spray may be very beneficial. Here we have the best setting spray for oily skin.

When used as the last step in your process, setting spray creates an optical barrier that prevents your foundation from slipping or smearing, resulting in longer wear life and a less oily appearance.

Isn’t that appealing? Let’s see if we can locate one that fits you. We’ve compiled a list of six of the finest setting mists for oily skin at various pricing ranges and component choices.

For oily skin, the ideal setting spray is Setting Spray by NYX (Matte Finish)


If you’re the kind who has to have wiping tissues on hand at all times, you’ll want a setting spray like one from NYX that’s specially designed to keep shine at bay. Due to the extreme way it seals in makeup and leaves your face with the ideal matte look for hours, the Internet favorite is a perennial bestseller (fun fact: according to last year’s Nielsen survey, it was the top one setting spray in America). “This product sets my complexion every day in Texas humidity,” one reviewer says. It’s around $10 and performs exactly what it says.”


This lightweight setting spray has earned several accolades (and over 10,000 positive reviews) for its unrivaled capacity to transfer oil and keep your appearance in place for hours. Put the container five to ten inches away from the person and spray in an “X” and “T” motion through or down your face for an even application. (Use it during wearing makeup if you’re very greasy.) One admirer considers it her “favorite setting spray” because it “keeps my makeup shining and gorgeous no matter the conditions ends out to be,” even while she’s “serving on tables outdoors in South Florida.


oil control mattifying mist shine free

This cooling spray is recommended if you wish to reduce shine while also increasing sunblock. It sets your foundation while giving your skin a burst of moisture and UV protection anytime you need it, thanks to 70%+ approved natural products, including aloe and algae extraction. 

No matter how much time you repeat the spray during the day, the mild green tea fragrance is pleasant, and the thin layers don’t feel heavy. “In the morning, I usually apply sunscreen before doing makeup, but I was searching for a method to renew SPF later than without destroying my cosmetics.

Other sunscreen sprays I’ve used have left my face greasy. [I’m] thrilled I took a chance and gave it a go. It applies smoothly, isn’t glossy, and has a pleasant scent. Also, as someone with acne-prone skin, I’m glad it didn’t drop me out,” one reviewer said.


This multipurpose spray will be tried as a primer and a finishing spray, ensuring that your makeup not just goes on smoothly but also lasts longer. Your makeup (and concealer and eyeliner and anything else you use) will remain fresh on your skin and not on the internal organs of your face mask in either case. 

To achieve deeper pigment and avoid smearing as the shadow fades, spray a dab of this onto your makeup brush before application. One reviewer writes, “I often do this without cosmetics when I’m simply chillaxing for the day to manage that bothersome sebum production.” 

Another admirer, who has “always battled with dehydrated hair and damaged makeup,” adds that using the spray gives her “so much more confidence” since she knows she “won’t be glossy in just half-hour of putting [her] makeup.”


This mattifying facial mist collects natural oils from the skin’s surface without over-drying it, thanks to an on-the-go parent who wanted a solution that could take them from the gymnasium to the workplace to a night out. 

This is due to external humectants & amino acids in the recipe, which help maintain a healthy pH balance and provide a boost of moisture, resulting in more balanced skin. (A gentle reminder that oily skin, too, needs hydration.) “Two years after getting the home, my face probably belongs in a mechanic’s shop, but it was a G A M E C H A N G E R.

A reviewer exclaims, “A couple spritzes of all this and BAM, back to matte babe.” Another user suggests using this over loose setting foundation for additional coverage since it “melts powders into the complexion, giving you a perfectly smooth finish.


This setting spray is a new child on the market, having just been announced at the end of the previous year. 

It offers a lot of potential for individuals who are worried about the look of their pores. The water-based product contains pore-blurring particles that gently disperse light and noticeably decrease shine for a flawless look and sprays on in a fragile layer (find: no unsightly water droplets). This is the best setting spray for oily skin.

Those with oily skin may enjoy the fact that it is liquor-free because alcohol can irritate some people’s skin. “It does a great job of concealing my big pores. WIt feels so fresh when it’s drying down, and because the spray is so fine, it really doesn’t take that long to dry. One reviewer writes, “It did a fantastic job managing [the oil on] the T-zone.”

Thing To Keep In Mind While Buying A Setting Spray for Oily Skin

Because not all setting mists are made equal, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when selecting the ideal one for oily skin. 

Avoid anything that claims to be “hydrating” or “moisturizing or contains terms like “dewy” or “luminescent.” If you want to mattify, look for the oil-free mist to reduce gloss and keep excess oil at bay. 

Consider it the last step in your cosmetic process when you use one, like the cherry on top of a sundae. Spray in an ‘X’ then ‘T’ form, holding the container six to eight-inch away from the face (you want a thin mist to reach your skin, not too much liquid). This will concentrate the majority of the lotion on the oiliest parts of your face.

The Correct Way to Use Setting Spray

natural finish makeup application and skin care

“Normally, you sprinkle it on after you’ve done doing your cosmetic,” Elias-Foeillet explains, “but if I require it to be more resistant, I spritz after each stage of applying makeup (i.e., after foundation, eye, cheek, powder, etc.).”

Mia Yang concurs. “Setting spray is excellent for heavy-duty wear, and it truly does its job at special occasions such as weddings or even a poolside summer party.” She claims that the secret is in the unique mix of substances contained within.

Is Setting Spray Effective On All Skin Types?

Many fixing sprays include alcohol, which may be harsh and irritating to certain skin types, so approach with care. Yang explains it this way: “It’s important to realize that these aren’t skincare components. Even the best setting spray fro oily skin might not work for you because it doesn’t suit your skin.

Remember that the setting spray isn’t meant to be used daily, and those little drops count for a lot. It’s more than enough to use a gentle mist.” On the other hand, Setting sprays are suitable for all skin types, even delicate skin types. 

What Are the Advantages of Setting Spray for Makeup?

daily routine formula must have mattifying setting spray

The majority of makeup-setting sprays are beneficial for the skin. If you really need something a little more personal,ized there are several cosmetic setting veils of mist that may help:

  • Maintaining a matte complexion: We’ve all experienced the oiliness that comes with being in an air-conditioned atmosphere. Fortunately, there are a variety of cosmetic setting sprays available to assist with this.
  • Keeping the body moisturized: An additional hydration boost is usually a good idea if you have flaky skin.
  • Adding a dewy shine to your makeup finish: Cosmetic setting sprays may do more mattifytify your foundation; they can also assist your makeup stay place while being totally undetectable.
  • Extending the wear time of your makeup: If you’re going to the gym or dancing the night away, an extra hardworking setting spritz will be your closest buddy.

Bottom Line

matte finish makeup setting spray for oily skin

And there you have it, folks! For shine control or matte fix, we have these mists with a lightweight formula and locks makeup like never before. These sprays for oily skin come with added perks such as fewer fine lines, matte finish, and they can absorb excess oil. Some are spray SPF perfect for a makeup routine. These makeup setting sprays are setting sprays for oily skin types that makeup artists use. We have alcohol-free setting sprays for oily skin.

Now makeup lasts longer with a soft-focus finish look. Say hello to the perfect makeup look with a dewy finish, all done within few spritzes.  Make sure to use the best setting spray for oily skin and you’ll be good to go.

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